October 1, 2014

Interplanetary Update #6.6: Patching it Up

Can't see anything anymore!

Greetings, Interplanetarists! We come bearing glad tidings.

To ease the wait until the next proper update (it'll be a doozy!), we decided to put out a little patch to fix some big annoyances.

First of all, we've begun a great networking overhaul, one that should fix a huge amount of the current problems with online play. While the results are still a couple of updates away, today's patch contains an important network fix, sort of as a teaser of things to come: the turn processing fix!

There's nothing quite as aggravating as having your game crash in between turns because of some random reason. That random reason turned out to be lasers. Due to some hitbox weirdness, a laser blast would sometimes not reach the planet surface at all, causing the game being confused and calculating the attack forever. This should now be fixed.

Lasers, nature's little troublemakers.

Next on our list of fixes is something many of you have been waiting for: the structure graphic/intel fix.

A while ago we made an experimental intel system change that allowed players to see the locations of enemy structures, but not any of the details. This turned out to be pretty unpopular, so we're hereby changing it back! As of this patch, all the city graphics and building graphics will be hidden unless the player has enough intel to see them. Because of this change, we also made a couple of balance tweaks, mainly having to do with beefing up the targetable weapons and nerfing defense buildings to account for this added layer of defense.

That's all the big changes now, but do check out the detailed changelog for every little thing.

Interplanetary Version 0.6.4981_EAC_6.6
  • Fixed online games crashing at turn processing due to Laser weirdness
  • City and Building graphics are now visible only if the player has enough intel
  • Camera now centers on the player planet when entering Targeting View
  • Material production upgrades changed to consume Planet Material
  • Cities now get destroyed when population reaches 0, as opposed to 1/6 of maximum
  • Sun gravity increased
  • Laser effects made slightly more visible
  • Defense building Visibility increased
  • Railgun Visibility slightly decreased
  • Missile Population damage increased
  • Laser Population damage increased
  • Defense Energy consumption increased
  • Upgradeable Intel amount for Data Security Hub decreased
  • Upgradeable Counterintel amount for Telescope Array decreased

 And what better way to celebrate the patch than...

The previous Whack-a-Dev turned out to be so cozy, we thought of having a home-broadcast again. So, catch the whacking stream on our Twitch channel and join the discussion in the chat. Just like the previous time, a couple of us will be playing a match or two of Interplanetary and chatting around, answering the questions you post in the chat.

And, as always, for every dev you manage to defeat we release free Interplanetary Steam keys into the world. You can follow the giveaway at our Twitter and Vkontakte pages.

Blast you soon and blast you hard!

Interplanetary is available on Steam Early Access.

August 1, 2014

Interplanetary Update #6: Building Upgrades

Once again, we a delivering a fresh Interplanetary update with some new and interesting stuff. Nevermind the shortness of the changelog, it's pure business! Let's look into it.

What's New?

Good news for all of those sick and tired of waiting for long turn-processing. With the latest action phase optimization, turn-processing should go a lot faster! Down with the waiting!

To add some depth to the building phase, we are introducing a Building Upgrade Mechanic. This is what all that tweaking in the last update was building up towards.

Each structure now has two upgrade slots on their info window. Clicking on them allows you to buy upgrades that will boost the stats of the building. Want some more "oomph" to your railgun? Buy some damage boosts or AOE upgrades!

Be careful, though; once you fill the upgrade slots, you won't be able to add any more upgrades to that building or delete the ones you've added. Specialize accordingly.

For starters, there will only be a couple of basic upgrades available and just two slots for each for each structure, so play around with them and let us know what you think! We'll be waiting for your suggestions for future upgrades or system changes. The upgrades will get more diverse further on and most of them will be tied to the tech-tree.

Interplanetary Version 0.6.4390_EAC_6.5

  • Building Upgrade mechanics added
  • Turn-Processing time greatly improved

That's about it for this time! Check out the update and don't forget to let us know what you think.

As for the Whack-a-Dev, everything so far seems to be on schedule and you can expect it on August 9th, 6pm GMT/11am PDT. In the meantime you can learn to use the new upgrades efficiently and blast us into oblivion when the time comes! Looking forward to it!

Interplanetary is available on Steam Early Access

July 11, 2014

Interplanetary Update #5: Loads of Data

Featuring a cameo appearance by everyone's favorite blue sun.
Once again, it's time to send a new update out into the big world. Good luck out there, try not to break down immediately! Like that ever happens, heh...


This time we've updated in a couple of small features that serve as a base for something a bit bigger that's coming in the future.

First we have a new window for interacting with buildings. When clicking on a building, you'll now be greeted with a lot more info than previously. The functionality remains the same currently, but you can now easily see the numerical values of building health, visibility and production, for example. Makes it a bit easier to utilize advanced strategies.

If that's not enough data for you, we're now introducing the Interplanetary Codex. It's an ever-growing in-game database of all things Interplanetary. You'll be able to use it to dig deep into building stats, for example, or just read about the real life functionality of railguns. More entries will be coming with time, so stay on the lookout!

Since we're opening the hood a little bit and letting you in on the number crunching, feel free to comment on any values that you feel should be different. We obviously appreciate outside opinions; why be in Early Access otherwise?
Aah, more reasons to showcase the awesome 2D art.
These are the main features introduced in the update, but there are still plenty of smaller things and tweaks in there. Check out the changelog for more!

Interplanetary Version 0.5.4183_EAC_6
  • Codex
  • New Building Window
  • Misleading city lights removed from planet surface
  • Balance changes
    • Railgun damage increased
    • Asteroid Diversion damage increased
    • Weapon targeting angles decreased
    • Projectile minimum targeting velocity decreased
    • Planet speeds increased
    • Non-player planet sizes increased
    • Solar Laser distance from the sun decreased and standardized
    • Missile homing range decreased
    • Kinetic Defense range decreased
    • Shield Defense range slightly decreased
    • Mine visibility decreased
    • Defense visibility decreased
    • Science requirement for some technologies increased
    • Build Energy costs increased for Mines, Defenses and Intel buildings
In Other News

You remember Whack-a-Dev, right? That's the event where members of Team Jolly Roger host games of Interplanetary and duke it out against the players. This Saturday we're changing it up a little bit with a surprise guest: the Interplanetary AI! We're letting the players to have a little sneak peek, by letting the AI do the battling for us, under our supervision.

Do note that the AI is still early in development and this is its first time in real action. The final implementation of the feature is still far away. Check out the Steam Announcement for more info!

June 19, 2014

Interplanetary Update #4: Lobby Chat, Trading Cards and So Many Planets!

The beautiful Noxious

The time has come again for Interplanetary update! This time you're up for some graphical additions, a new place for chatting and something to trade. So, let's get to it.

What's new?

You might have guessed from the update title that the biggest news on the block is the newly installed lobby chat. Now you can chat not only in the game, but also in the game room lobby.

On the graphics side: another planet has been added for you to play with - the beautiful and warm Noxious. In addition to that, there are plenty of new non-player planets and suns. It makes this the official debut appearance of the famous Blue Sun.

And for dessert - Steam trading cards for Interplanetary are now ready to be traded any time!

Gotta catch 'em all!

Interplanetary Version 0.4.4061_EAC_5
  • Lobby Chat
  • New Player Planet: Noxious
  • New Planets and Suns
  • Steam Trading Cards, Badges and Emoticons
  • Defense Building Visibility Decreased

That is all for this time. Enjoy the updated Interplanetary and don't forget to leave your comments and opinions in the survey form!

Interplanetary is available on Steam Early Access.

June 2, 2014

Interplanetary Update: Sounds and Shapes

Cities, now 100% more lively!
Update time! Today we bring you a couple of small, but interesting changes.

The most obvious update is the inclusion of actual graphics for cities and buildings. This changes the intel system quite a bit, since we've decided to let players see the structure graphics regardless of their intelligence points. They just won't be able to see any details, such as the exact type of the building or its condition. Targetable weapons should now be much more useful and we've done slight changes to their values to accommodate for that. Tell us what you think!

Another visible, or rather audible, change is new music. We've added a couple of extra pieces to increase variety. You can expect many more in future updates.

Interplanetary Version 0.3.4027_EAC_4

  • New graphics for cities, buildings and ruins
  • Different craters for different weapon impact points
  • Additional music for build phase and action phase
  • Targetable weapons damage reduced
  • Shield Defense doesn't block missiles anymore
  • Sound effect fixes
  • Networking host migration fixes

Sure, you could fire blindly, but that little dot there may well be a kinetic defense.
That's all the changes for this week. We had to skip Whack-a-Dev last week due to scheduling problems, but we'd still appreciate it if you tried out the new changes and gave us some feedback!

Interplanetary is now available on Steam Early Access!

May 16, 2014

Interplanetary Update: Pretty Things and Other Tweaks

Looks pretty dry, but it's full of interesting landscapes!

Here we go with another Interplanetary update! This time we're focusing more on graphical details, but there are some small, hopefully interesting, balance adjustments there also.

What's New?

Let's get right into it, shall we? Here's the rough changelog for this week's update:

Interplanetary Version 0.2.3983_eac3
  • New Planet Texture
    • New player planet added: The Shredded Dune
  • Explosions!
    • Redone explosions for "normal" weapons to be more visible from far away and prettier to look up close.
    • Different color smoke for shots that land in water.
  • Sun Graphical Improvements
  • Various New Particle Effects
  • Keyboard Zoom Added
    • "E" and "Q" can be used to zoom in and out
  • Balance Tweaks
    • Damage increased for Missile, Laser and Solar Laser
    • Damage reduced for Railgun and Asteroid Diversion
    • Firing cost reduced for Missiles and Lasers
    • Activation cost increased for Shield Defense
    • Accuracy and range increased for Kinetic Defense
    • Build cost decreased for Kinetic Defense
    • Build and firing costs increased for Superweapons
    • Science cost increased for Superweapons
    • Population boost increased for "Arcologies" tech.
    • Planet material drain decreased
This should help a bit...

Whack-a-Dev Part II

Along with the update, as usual, we've scheduled a "Whack-a-Dev" Day for this Saturday!

On Saturday May 17th, starting from 3:00pm GMT/8:00am PDT, we will be hosting games to challenge you in the craft of interplanetary warfare! Here's what we have planned for you this time:

  • Whack the devs!
    • Now's your chance to prove your superiority! Beat the devs at their own game and become a folk hero!
  • Steam Key giveaways!
    • We'll be tweeting Steam Keys for Interplanetary every time someone manages to beat one of us! 
  • Streamers!
    • Enter Elysium and Rushlock will be joining us this Saturday to stream some of their matches. You can either join the streams to spectate or play the game and get the chance to appear there yourself.
  • Socialize with the community!
...but sometimes railgun just doesn't care.

Hopefully you can all join us to blast those planets into oblivion! This will also be a great chance to try out some of the new tweaks in the game and see how they affect your general strategy.

May 2, 2014

Interplanetary Update: In-Game Chat

Here it is, the first proper feature update to Interplanetary! The main feature this time is something that's been requested a lot.

Update #1: In-Game Chat

As you may have guessed already, that feature is the much requested in-game chat. Now you can also bash your enemies verbally! Do try to behave, though.

An example of friendly, proper behavior.

Here's the full changelog for the update:

Interplanetary Version 0.1.3960

  • In-game chat
  • Indicators to show which players have ended their turns
  • Building unlocks in Techtree now have simple descriptions
  • Added a simple reminder when trying to end turn with no active research
  • New player planet texture: Jungle
  • Small changes to UI graphics
  • Changed the version number scheme

Have fun cursing your opponents to oblivion (but seriously, avoid nasty words, there could be kids playing!) Also, don't forget to take part in our first "Whack-a-Dev" this Saturday. It'll be the true baptism by fire for the chat system!